Travel Insurance

Country of Origin:
Covid Coverage:
Date of Departure:
Date of Return:
Passenger(s) below 65 yrs old:
Passenger(s) from 65 to 70 yrs old:

Accidental Death
Permanent Disability, Dismemberment & Loss of Sight
Medical Expenses
Accident Burial Benefit
Daily In-Hospital Confinement Benefit, rate per day up to 15 days
Travel Inconvenience
  a. Delayed flight departure or flight cancellation (minimum of 12 hours)
  b. Missed Connections (minimum of 12 hours)
  c. Luggage Delay
  d. Luggage Loss
  e. Loss of Travel Documents
  f. Trip Cancellation/ Curtailment
* Premiums are inclusive of taxes.
* All pre-existing conditions are not covered.
* Benefits are subject to terms and conditions in the policy.

Country of Origin

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Passenger(s) below 65 yrs old

Passenger(s) from 65 to 70 yrs old

Covid Coverage